melanie was the only person


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Melanie was the only person ____ a letter of thanks.

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No fluorescent lights, no motorcycles, no television, on the 15th day of each lunar month, the riverside town of Hoi An ____ modern life the night off.

We came đồ sộ the temple dedicated đồ sộ King Dinh Tien Hoang, ____ Hoa Lu đồ sộ build the citadel.

Who were those people ____ outside?

We noticed a pile of stones ____ in the road.

The vegetation layers in Cat Ba Archipelago from spectacular and scenic landscapes and make the site become ____ đồ sộ all Vietnam's typical ecosystems.

The monuments of My Son are the most important constructions of the Champa Kingdom, ____ coast of Central Vietnam from the 4th đồ sộ the 13th centuries.

A lorry ____ concrete pipes has overturned.

Most tourists lượt thích buying clothes, lanterns, and other handicraft ____ by local craftmen in Hoi An. C. made

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The only thing ____ at the Citadel of the Ho Dynasty is the stone walls.

The Complex of Hue Monuments was the first site in Vietnam ____ as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Located in Hoang Dieu Street, Hau Lau has ____ architecture of the Eastern and Western styles

The limestone in Phong Nha is not continuous, which has led đồ sộ a particularly ____ shape.

Near the White House is another famous landmark ____ the Washington Monument.

The balance and harmonious blending of various elements contribute đồ sộ Taj Mahal's unique beauty.

They can enjoy the -comfort and elegance of five-star hotels and luxury cruise ships.

Most of the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long was demolished in the early 20th century.

My Son Sanctuary is a large complex of religious relics comprising more than vãn 70 architectural works such as towers, temples, and tombs.

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Though built almost five hundred years ago, the church remained practically intact.

The major stone sections of the Citadel of the Ho Dynasty remain intact thanks đồ sộ the unique construction techniques.

The Imperial Citadel of Thang Long was first built during the Ly Dynasty and then expanded by subsequent dynasties.