[Phát Âm Chuẩn] Chữ [i] trong tiếng anh – Chứng Chỉ Quốc Gia Tiếng Anh B

What you should do:
To make the vowel sound /i/ do this:
            A. Stretch your lips horizontally.
            B. Your tongue should be high in your mouth, almost touching the roof of your mouth.
            C. Show both your top and bottom teeth.
To make the vowel sound /I/ do this:
            A. Relax your tongue and cheeks.
            B. Keep your lips in a neutral, or only slightly spread, position.
            C. Your tongue should be a litter lower than when making the vowel sound /I/.
            D. Show only your top teeth.

 1. eat / it                                                       Make sure to eat all of it.
  2. least/ list                                       Gary got the least of those on the list.
  3. reach/ ridge                                                         Reach over the ridge.
  4. peek/ pig                                                          Take a peek at the pig.
  5. heels/ hills                                        Don’t wear high heels hiking up hills.
  6. seat/ sit                                               That’s the seat that Jane sits in.
  7. leaving/ living                         They’re living the city where they’ve been living.
  8. team/ leaders/                                  Tim, Jim The team leaders are Tim and Jim.
  9. field/ filled                                           The field was filled with flowers.
10. seek/ sick                                                 Seek help if your child is sick.
11. cheap/ chip                                           It isn’t cheap to buy computer chips.

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