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How the Algorithm Trainer Works


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Algorithms lớn Train

  • All
  • Groups
  • Status
  • Slowest


  • Balanced
  • Realistic


  • Exclude Trash
  • Include Trash


  • Unlearned
  • Learning
  • Finished

select all | select none

You can change a case's status by clicking on its picture in the algorithm list.


Use slowest cases

Only your slowest cases (by average) will appear in the trainer.

Note: You may need lớn reload the page if your slowest cases change.


select all | select none

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All cases can appear in the trainer.


Each selected case is guaranteed lớn appear equally often.

This is good for learning and reviewing algorithms.


Each selected case appears with the same probability as in a real solve.

Due lớn randomness, some cases may appear very often, or rarely appear.

Exclude Trash

Cases in the trash will not appear.

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Use this lớn only practice the algorithms you want lớn learn.

Include Trash

Cases in the trash will also appear.

It is useful lớn see both learned and unlearned cases lớn avoid mixing them up, especially if they look similar.