all her life she had a

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Câu 1:

As a brilliant and mature student with a rare gift of concentration, Marie harbored the dream of a scientific career which was impossible for a woman at that time.

A. ugly

B. dark

C. dull

D. dirty

Câu 2:

She received a general education in local schools and some scientific training from her father.

A. offered

B. had

C. gave

D. asked

Câu 3:

She was a _______ child, happiest when reading.

A. study

B. studied

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C. studious

D. studiously

Câu 4:

She seems to tướng have spent all her life studying in _______ establishments.

A. education

B. educate

C. educated

D. educational

Câu 5:

After he had spoken, a _______ silence fell on the room.

A. die


C. deathly


Câu 6:

Wow! What a _______ your sister is! I couldn't get off the phone!

A. talk

B. talking

C. talke

D. talkative

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