as i get older i want to travel less

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The older I get the less I lượt thích to tát travel

I mean, it could just be longstanding social anxiety or whatever, but the last several years I've come to tát dread the routine of the family vacation. It's not that I don't want to tát spend the money or certainly spend time with my wife and kids, and I'm sure I'll miss it when they're out of the teenage years the house... but the annual stress involved with trying to tát figure coordinating planes, trains, and automobiles, when we have to tát be where, what places we want to tát visit, and then getting there and having to tát giảm giá with the unknowns of where to tát park, what the local requirements are, etc. It's all just too much. I never was much one to tát lượt thích traveling, but lately I'm becoming the homebody that... *gasp* my father was. Can anybody relate?