because of severe asthma attacks the doctor suggested his patient to stop smoking

Does Smoking Make Asthma Worse?

Yes. If you have asthma, smoking is especially risky because of the damage it does to tướng the lungs.

Smoke irritates the airways, making them swollen, narrow, and filled with sticky mucus — the same things that happen during an asthma flare-up. That's why smoking can cause asthma flare-ups (or "attacks") to tướng happen more often. They also might be more severe and harder to tướng control, even with medicine.

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Why Should I Quit Smoking?

No matter why you started, if you're thinking about quitting, it would probably help your asthma.

Here are some reasons why:

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  • Smoking can undo the effect of any medicine you take to tướng keep your asthma under control.
  • Smoking can force you to tướng use medicine more often for quick relief of symptoms.
  • Smoking can disturb your sleep by making you cough more at night.
  • Smoking can affect how well you bởi in sports or other physical activities.
  • Smoking can send you to tướng the ER with a severe asthma flare-up.

If you decide to tướng quit, you don't have to tướng go it alone. Get tư vấn from other people — lượt thích friends, family, or other smokers who are trying to tướng quit. Ask your doctor about medicines or things you can bởi to tướng crave cigarettes less. Your doctor wants to tướng help you quit!

Can Secondhand Smoke Affect My Asthma?

Even if you don't smoke, you may still run rẩy into smoky situations at parties, events, or even at trang chủ. Secondhand smoke is a known asthma trigger. You'll want to tướng avoid it as much as possible if you have asthma.

If you lỗ out with smokers or have a family thành viên who smokes in the house, you're likely to tướng have more frequent and severe asthma symptoms. That might mean more medicine and more trips to tướng the doctor's office or ER.

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There's not much you can bởi about other people's behavior. But let your friends and family know that what they're doing is making your asthma worse. Ask them not to tướng smoke in your house or xế hộp.

Is Vaping OK for People With Asthma?

Some people with asthma might think that e-cigarettes ("vaping") are a safe alternative to tướng smoking. E-cigarettes don't fill the lungs with smoke, but they bởi fill the lungs with vapor that contains lots of chemicals. Those chemicals also irritate the airways, making asthma flare-ups more likely. And the vapors from e-cigarettes are harmful not only to tướng those to tướng vape, but to tướng those around them.

Date reviewed: October 2023