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Doraemon the Movie: Nobita's Sky Utopia

Theatrical release poster

Japanese name
Kanji映画ドラえもん: のび太と空の理想郷(ユートピア)
Revised HepburnDoraemon Nobita to lớn Sora no Utopia
Directed byTakumi Doyama
Screenplay byRyota Furusawa
Based onDoraemon by Fujiko F. Fujio
  • Wasabi Mizuta
  • Megumi Ohara
  • Yumi Kakazu
  • Subaru Kimura
  • Tomokazu Seki
  • Ren Nagase
Music byTakayuki Hattori


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Shin-Ei Animation

Distributed byToho

Release date

  • 3 March 2023

Running time

107 minutes[1]
Box office$35,355,888

Doraemon: Nobita's Sky Utopia (映画ドラえもん: のび太と空の理想郷(ユートピア), Eiga Doraemon: Nobita to lớn Sora no Utopia) is a 2023 Japanese animated science fiction adventure film. It is the 42nd film of the Japanese animated series Doraemon created by Fujiko F. Fujio.[2] Directed by Takumi Doyama with a screenplay by Ryota Furusawa, it was released in 3 March 2023.[3][4][5]


Nobita, heard by Dekisugi summarizing Thomas More's Utopia describes a fantasy land where people live happily without pain or conflict after school asking Doraemon to lớn help him find that ideal country but ignored. He ran to lớn the mountain behind the school and was startled when a xanh lơ bug landed on his nose, pushed it aside, and saw something in the sky in the shape of Utopia. Doraemon immediately searched the timeline for information about this phenomenon, thanks to lớn the "Time Report". Then, the group of friends gathered on the mountain behind the school began to lớn tìm kiếm for Utopia with the "Zeppelin Time Airship" from time to lớn time. confirmed above. Nobita's band spent an entire day playing and searching for Utopia but to lớn no avail. That night Nobita saw the so-called Utopia he had seen before. The group of friends let the airship approach, but the group was covered with dark clouds and was suddenly ambushed. The next morning, the Fellowship wakes up, Sonya, the perfect robot mèo, apologizes to lớn the group for the raid last night. He also tells the group that they are in Paradapia, an ideal country similar to lớn Utopia, just as Nobita had requested. At Nobita's insistence, Sonya took his group of friends to lớn the Cathedral to lớn ask them to lớn let the three sages Sci, Poli, and Culti, the creators of Paradapia, stay in Paradapia, and he was accepted. Every day, while Nobita, Shizuka, Gian, and Suneo go to lớn the academy to lớn be more "perfect" lượt thích the residents there, Doraemon helps Sonya patrol all of Paradapia. Sonya reveals his past to lớn Doraemon as a pet companion mèo who was abused and neglected by his former owner before meeting the three sages.

One night Nobita discovered that a few days ago a stranger had entered Paradapia. The stranger went to lớn the Cathedral to lớn attack the three sages but was stopped in time thanks to lớn a notification from Sonya, Doraemon, and Nobita. The stranger, who turned into a bug, followed Doraemon and Nobita and was then taken away by Hannah, a girl from the same academy class as Nobita. When the two learn that the stranger is Marimba, a 22nd-century female bounty hunter, she accuses them of ruining her plan. Marimba is a bounty hunter teamed up with the time police, who was hired to lớn rescue Hannah and wanted to lớn arrest Dr. Ray who actually created the so-called Paradapia. Thanks to lớn Hannah's guidance, she managed to lớn infiltrate Paradapia. Hannah reveals to lớn Doraemon and Nobita the secret of the Paradapia resident certificate badge, which can change from crescent to lớn sun according to lớn each person's clarity, which is actually a tool for brainwashing the inhabitants there, then reveals her entire coat of arms in disguise to lớn avoid the eyes of the three sages. And Nobita's brainwashing didn't work quickly because of his special constitution. At first, Nobita didn't want to lớn believe Marimba, but then he found out that his friends had been gradually brainwashed. According to lớn Marimba's plan, Doraemon and Nobita awaken Shizuka, Gian, and Suneo to lớn follow them, but fail as they are brainwashed. The trio returns to lớn the Zeppelin Time Airship and discovers that it has not been repaired as Sonya claimed. They continued to lớn repair the aircraft while using the sound absorber to lớn block out the noise, but the group was discovered when the aircraft was about to lớn be repaired because Nobita dropped its sound pipe. However, the trio immediately opened the time portal to lớn go into the future, but were followed by Sonya and his patrol team and brought back to lớn Paradapia.

At Paradapia's headquarters, Doraemon and Nobita learn of his intention to lớn absorb energy from the universe at night and the energy from the resident badges to lớn activate the machine that renders humanity as callous as the inhabitants, and Nobita is the key to lớn the final experiment. The three sages used the moon's energy to lớn maximize the badge, brainwashed Nobita, started the machine, and asked him to lớn turn Doraemon into a bug. Nobita lost all reason but didn't bởi it, so sánh the sages forced Sonya to lớn take this action and throw Doraemon who has turned into the bug out of Paradapia by themselves. Seeing Doraemon turned into a bug, Nobita woke up. The sages asked Shizuka, Gian, and Suneo to lớn stop Nobita, but after a period of persuasion, the three friends gradually regained their senses and intellect, causing their badges to lớn be broken. Dr. Ray then revealed his true colors, it turns out that the sages are robots controlled by him. Sonya was influenced by Doraemon and Nobita and decided to lớn help them. Dr. Ray revealed that when he was a child, he was always laughed at lượt thích Nobita, so sánh he had decided to lớn create Paradapia to lớn control people's minds through brainwashing. He moves Paradapia by travel through time over the town where Nobita they lived, to lớn be going to lớn brainwash this entire town, finally failed under the obstruction of everyone, so sánh he go out to lớn destroy Paradapia causing it would to lớn crash in this town and escape before Marimba can catch him. Nobita's group immediately evacuated all residents to lớn Zeppelin Time Airship to lớn leave Paradapia, and then the airship descended on the mountain behind the school due to lớn a lack of energy. And Sonya tries to lớn use the Shrink Light shrink Paradapia to lớn minimize the damage when it explodes. After the residents are safely evacuated, the group immediately sees another Zeppelin Time Airship landing on the mountain. Nobita realized they were back at the right time which the day when they phối out to lớn tìm kiếm for Utopia and rushed to lớn find Doraemon, who had turned into a xanh lơ bug, to lớn bring him back to lớn normal. Doraemon's group of friends supports Sonya to lớn shrink Paradapia, but this is not possible. Nobita suddenly remembered the 4-dimensional Garbage Bag that Doraemon used to lớn remove some items that are no longer used, so sánh the group decided to lớn enlarge the garbage bag to lớn accommodate Parapadia. Despite its successful deployment, an explosion caused by the garbage bag was still unavoidable. Sonya decided to lớn drop all of Doraemon's Bamboo Pinwheels and then he single-handedly lifted the garbage bag containing Paradapia and exploded with it. Dr. Ray gets arrested by the time police after receiving a điện thoại tư vấn from Marimba.

A few days later, Marimba returned to lớn find Doraemon's group, she announced that the time police had caught Ray and thanking them for letting Ray to lớn be arrested for good before moving on for her another mission, and the residents of Paradapia were also resettled. Minutes later, Sonya's memory module fell from the sky in front of his group of friends. Doraemon goes to lớn the 22nd century to lớn have Sonya restored in a new body toàn thân with the intact memory module, and returns with a newfound hope that the group will meet Sonya again someday.


Character Japanese voice actor
Doraemon Wasabi Mizuta
Nobita Megumi Ōhara
Shizuka Yumi Kakazu
Gian Subaru Kimura
Suneo Tomokazu Seki
Sonya Ren Nagase[6]
Marimba Marina Inoue[7]
Hanna Inori Minase[7]
Paradapia Teacher Miki Fujimoto
Delivery man Ryota Yamasato
Nobita's Mama Kotono Mitsuishi
Nobita's Papa Yasunori Matsumoto
Sensei Wataru Takagi
Hidetoshi Dekisugi Shihoko Hagino
Three Sages Mie Sonozaki
Koji Ishii
Ayumu Murase
Dr. Ray Ryusei Nakao


The theme tuy nhiên is "Paradise" by NiziU.[8]



Takumi Doyama, who worked on the storyboards and directing of the "Doraemon" TV anime, was appointed as the director. The script was written by Ryota Furusawa, who will be joining "Doraemon" for the first time. The character designer was Maiko Kobayashi, who participated in the original drawings of the TV anime and movie "Doraemon" and was the animated character designer and animation director of the "Boku wa Robot Goshi no Kimi ni Koi wo Suru" anime PV. Continuing from the previous work, "Movie Doraemon: Nobita's Little Space War 2021" (2022). Takayuki Hattori will also work on the soundtrack of this work. Illustrator Yo Shimizu was responsible for creating key visuals such as posters.

Furusawa had been offered a screenplay a few years prior to lớn this work, but at that point Furusawa refused, and this was when he wanted to lớn join the work and try something new. 9[ Executive producer Shin-Ei Douga's Susumu Nakajima first met Furusawa in early 2020.

Director Doyama has a connection with Yoshihiro Osugi, who was the chief director of the "Doraemon" series at the time and participated as a storyboard on "Hatsumaker de Great Invention". After that, working on the 2019 birthday special "Future Labyrinth Okashi Castle" triggered a film director's offer. Furusawa had already phối up the initial plot when Doyama was made the offer, and the timing was said to lớn be about to lớn find the first draft.


At first, Furusawa had stories about where the adventure was going to lớn go, and the town where Nobita and his friends lived were also those who lived through the scenes of the adventure and made a story that was "only completed (discarded) in Nobita's neighborhood". Nakajima said, "It's lượt thích if you take a different path from every place they go, you'll find a ghost castle there and they'll bởi new things by changing your daily life a bit so sánh you don't leave the thành phố you live in. According to lớn Furusawa, the staff asked him to lớn go on an adventure somewhere and he decided to lớn go with the "sky" used.


It was announced on July 6, 2022, and the image, home page page, and 30-second special Clip was released. The title and promotional Clip were broadcast on Animation TV on July 9. The movie, whose vision date was announced on September 15 (March 3), was also announced as the opening of the "Ideal Cat Robot Competition". It was announced that Ren Nagase will be appearing as a guest voice actor on TV Asahi's "Music Station" broadcast on November 4, and a 30-second special Clip 2 was released on the same day. Additionally, he was there throughout the entire Kinpuri announcement, and the scene where Kaito Takahashi addresses Doraemon with respect became a hot topic. On December 4, a new visual tagline was released and it was announced that Marina Inoue and Inori Minase will be joining as guest voice actors. This will be Inoue's first appearance in a Doraemon movie since "Movie Doraemon: Nobita's Space Heroes" (2015). It was announced that the theme tuy nhiên of NiziU's general Kyocera Dome Osaka performance on December 18 was decided to lớn be "Paradise", and a 30-second special Clip 3 and a 90-second trailer were released on the same day. A female artist has been appointed for the first time since the năm ngoái "360°" miwa. On January 6, 2023, it was announced that Ryota Yamazato and Miki Fujimoto will be guests. A public dubbing ceremony was held in Tokyo on January 31. Starring Ren Nagase and Miki Fujimoto . A Clip of the sự kiện was released on Toho's official YouTube channel "Toho MOVIE Channel" on February 17. Four TV commercials and seven six-second commercials aired on 17 February. A results forecast meeting and completion announcement meeting were held at the Tokyo International Forum on February 19. Ren Nagase, Ryota Yamazato, Miki Fujimoto, NiziU (theme song), Takumi Doyama (director) In connection with February 22 (Cat Day), Ren Nagase and NiziU's commentary videos were posted on Twitter. The movie premiered on March 3, and a memorial stage was held at TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills. The actors are Ren Nagase, Miki Fujimoto and Takumi Doyama. In addition, the "Perfect Film Guide", which promotes films from these days, has also started to lớn be watched. A special PV ~NiziU theme tuy nhiên Ver.~ was released on March 10. A big hit stage salute was held at TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills on March 14. Starring Ren Nagase, Ryota Yamazato and Miki Fujimoto. These usage summaries special videos will air on TV on March 18. On March 29, three comments were posted in summary on YouTube. On March 27, a Clip titled "Doraemon and Ren Nagase's Perfect Challenge" was released in memory of over 2 million viewers. Doraemon and Nagase turned around and Hoi! ·Bay


The film was released in theaters on 3 March 2023 in nhật bản.[3][5] Vietnamese film distributor Lotte Cinema released this film in Vietnam on 26 May 2023.[9] It was released in Trung Quốc on 1 June 2023,[10][11] and in Taiwan on 21 July 2023.[12] The film was released by Odex in Malaysia and Singapore on 27 July 2023.[13][14] Odex also release the film in Myanmar on 18 August 2023.[15]

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Box office[edit]

According to lớn Box Office Mojo, the film collected $34,524,910 as of 19 June 2023.[16]

Weekend no. Rank Weekend gross Total gross till current weekend Ref.
1 1 ¥663 million

(US$4.87 million)

¥663 million

(US$4.87 million)

2 1 ¥468,105,440

(US$3.51 million)


(US$9.36 million)

3 3 ¥411,745,170

(US$3.13 million)


(US$13.53 million)

4 1 ¥392,306,080

(US$2.99 million)


(US$19.47 million)

5 1 ¥326,477,110

(US$2.45 million)


(US$24.8 million)

6 1 ¥203,844,380

(US$1.52 million)


(US$28.74 million)

7 2 ¥126,889,990


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(US$29.76 million)

8 4 ¥65,685,000



(US$30.40 million)


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