i can't cook as well as my mother

My mom can't cook and It kills bầm.

My mom is a 10/10 mom in everything but cooking. Gives me(17m) space, was ok with bầm not following her religion, accepted bầm for being bi, and sends bầm a great private school, but She can't cook at all. Everything she makes is bad, lượt thích really bad. She can't even cook rice. Also, when I was young because of some healthy issues I didn't eat or have a will vĩ đại eat. Paired with my mom not being able vĩ đại cook caused bầm vĩ đại live off of a few meals for years at a time. Not joking years at a time I would eat almost the same thing every day. She works, so sánh most of the time we have compensated this eating out. Since she lost her job now I get beat down every week saying "I can't feed you", "you're a picky eater", or "We can't affored vĩ đại eat out as much". On another note I am the only one in my house who can cook. I cooked all three of the last thanksgivings, Christmases, and anything else lượt thích that. Now why can't I cook for myself you may as. I play three varsity sports and have straight A's. I don't have time vĩ đại cook. This is just driving bầm insane as I am always being blamed for stuff when my family is just as much at fault for my eating habbits.

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