my neighbor is driving me mad

This whole horror show started about a year and a half ago, and recently, it's gotten so sánh bad, all I want is just 2-3 days of silence in my own apartment.

My partner and I live in an apartment complex in an extremely rural area where it's always been really nice and quiet. Everyone here minds their own business, and I've always appreciated the privacy. We live on the top floor so sánh we've never had to tát worry about noise, and it was perfect.

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And then these people show up. About 5 or so sánh college age kids with 3 pitbulls. At first, I was kind of excited because my partner and I are also kind of young, and I was hoping to tát make new friends. I was so sánh wrong.Within a week, they had a roaring, thumping tiệc nhỏ that ended in two fist fights, and even assaulting our downstairs neighbor. Come to tát find out, these idiots are most likely drug dealers and lied to tát management about having dogs. Flash forward the next year and a half, and we've had to tát Điện thoại tư vấn the police more times then I can count. It's just been fight after fight in their apartment: between each other, between their friends, between them and their friends they're having over... It's endless. Pile on top of it, they play the most awful music and smoke weed almost constantly. Thankfully, their dogs are actually really well-behaved, surprisingly, and rarely bark, even at my own pets when I have them outside.But they routinely have loud, violent parties, keep trash on their porch, dump signs from around the neighborhood on the downstairs' neighbors' lawns, and keep garbage in the back hall.

Now we're in quarantine, and it's just gotten worse. They refuse to tát observe the stay at home page ordinance, and have had friends over the entire time, acting lượt thích nothing has changed at all. The parties and fights would usually happen every 2-3 weeks. Now, it's an every day tiệc nhỏ. Last weekend was the last straw: one of their friends had their birthday tiệc nhỏ there and it was a 48 hour tiệc nhỏ.We had to tát Điện thoại tư vấn the cops because, you guessed it, a fight broke out over stolen money. It was awful.On top of that nonsense, when the police showed up, all their friends ran out of the backdoor and went and hid in the basement so sánh they wouldn't get arrested. (My partner was doing laundry at the time, which is in the basement, and saw them.)

Since then, we've tried being nice since we're all stuck inside together. We'd been ignoring them up until recently because I've dealt with obnoxious neighbors before since I come from a pretty cramped đô thị area. Like I said, everyone around here pretty much minds their own business and tend to tát ignore each other. But it just got so sánh ridiculous, that we had to tát try talking to tát them. We've tried asking them politely, with some success, to tát turn their music down a little bit and explained that their bass could be heard on the other side of our apartment.We'll have a day of pretty decent quiet, and then everything goes back to tát normal the very next day. It's lượt thích they think we won't remember.

We had to tát Điện thoại tư vấn the cops for the third time in the last week last night because they were throwing firecrackers off their porch and out back into the woods (which is protected land), and they're not legal in our state. The police didn't even get the chance to tát come inside the complex. We heard the friends run rẩy downstairs again, and the neighbor talked to tát the police outside, basically taunting them about being called AGAIN. I happened to tát overhear him telling them that WE should be the ones getting an eviction notice for calling the cops so sánh much.

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I'm really scared that management is just going to tát throw us all out at this point to tát khuyễn mãi giảm giá with the problems, even though I know for a fact that my partner and I have been very good about our lease agreement. I don't even think it's a valid argument, but it's still very scary.I also know that these neighbors are in the process of eviction and had a court date a few months ago (one of my other neighbors told me; the poor man that lives underneath them) but because of COVID-19, it was canceled.

So now we just have to tát be stuck here with these monsters until everything clears up, and even then, we'll probably have to tát wait until the eviction clears. What on earth can we bởi to tát help ourselves? I'm scared and worried about our own housing, and I'm not comfortable approaching them anymore to tát ask them to tát turn their music down.

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Does anyone have any advice at all on what to tát do?

TL;DR: Dealing with loud, violent and garbage throwing neighbors for a year and a half, and it's gotten worse in quarantine. Recently had to tát Điện thoại tư vấn the cops three times in the last week, and heard the neighbors telling the cops that WE should be the ones being evicted. I'm worried the property manager will throw us and my neighbors out to tát solve the problem, and am very scared to tát approach my neighbors now about noise levels. What can we do?

EDIT: Update on this evening. They had friends over (of course), and another fight erupted. It only sounded verbal. Next thing we know, the police are here again. We didn't Điện thoại tư vấn them this time, so sánh that's a good sign. I finally snuck out and let the police know that they keep putting people in the basement, but I'm fairly certain they can't go down there and look without a warrant. I'm considering just calling the dispatcher tomorrow and leaving a note with them about everything that they've been doing to tát avoid getting in trouble for social distancing.
I'm also emailing our property manager to tát let him know exactly what's been going on. I at least want physical evidence on telling him what's been happening so sánh I have proof that we've been trying to tát be reasonable about everything.