unit 11 science and technology


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1 Listen and read. a Find the words in A in the conversation. Then match them lớn the words in B with similar meanings.

1 Listen and read. c Work with a partner. What fields are mentioned in the conversation which are affected by science and technology?

2 Put one of the words/ phrases from the box in each gap. There is one extra.


2 Work in pairs. Read the following predictions about the year 2040 and say whether you think it will happen.

3 Look at the conversation in GETTING STARTED again. Find and underline the examples of reported speech.

5 Change the following sentences into reported speech, using the words given in brackets.

2 Underline the following words and phrases in the passages in 1. Match each of them with its explanation.

4 Think about your ideas about scientific advances in these fields. Look at the example and make notes.

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2 Listen again lớn the conversation between Nick, Duong, and Chau. Tick the words and phrases as you hear them.

Writing lớn express agreement or disagreement

5 Make notes, then write a paragraph on the following topic.

1 Write the correct khuông of the words in brackets.

3 Fill each gap with a word from the box lớn complete the passage.

5 Rewrite these sentences in direct speech.

Finished! Now I can....

1 Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow.

3 Write/ talk about your invention:

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