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Come trang chủ Love: Lo and Behold
Created byHong Kong Television Broadcasts Limited
StarringLau Dan
Angela Tong
Koni Lui
Pal Sinn
Andrea So
Joyce Tang
Kalok Chow
Law Lok-lam
Ricco Ng
Hoffman Cheng
Mandy Lam
Kim Li
Jimmy Au
Opening theme
  • Latin Soul Strut (episodes 1-224)
  • "In my Heart" by Jacquline Wong (episodes 225-605)
  • " 開心速遞” (Happy courier) by the cast of the drama (episode 606-1326)
  • "愛心灌溉" (Filled with love) by Joey Wong JW (episodes 1327-present)
Country of originHong Kong
Original languageCantonese
No. of episodes2200
Running time30 minutes
Production companyTVB
Original release
Come trang chủ Love
Come trang chủ Love 2
Come trang chủ Love: Dinner at 8
Park Yoho Weekend Express

Come trang chủ Love: Lo and Behold (Chinese: 愛·回家之開心速遞; literally "Love Returning trang chủ, Happy Delivery"), alternately known as Come trang chủ Love: Happy Courrier, is a 2017 daily half-hour Hong Kong sitcom created by TVB, starring Lau Dan, Angela Tong, Koni Lui, Stanley Cheung, Pal Sinn, Mandy Lam, Andrea So, Joyce Tang and Kalok Chow. It is produced by Law Chun-ngok who also produced the three previous Come trang chủ Love.

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Filming began in January 2017 and is filmed as it airs. The series premiered on February đôi mươi, 2017, airing every Monday through Friday on Hong Kong's TVB Jade, Malaysia's Astro Wah Lai Toi and Australia's TVB channels during its 8:00-8:30 pm timeslot, with an expected 180 episodes. Due to tướng the show's popularity and high ratings, it has since been extended to tướng 900 episodes and now airs seven days a week. In September 2020 the show aired its one-thousandth episode, exceeding the episode count of the first series. Additionally, it exceeded A Kindred Spirit's episode count (when aired as a sitcom) when its 1128th episode aired, making it one of the longest running drama shows in Hong Kong television history.[1]


The story revolves around the Hung and Lung family, their work lives and friends, and in earlier episodes Lung King Fung's spirit that the Hung family befriends as one of the family.

Hung Shu Kan (Lau Dan) is the head of the Hung (Chinese: ) family and also the owner of a transport company. Kan's younger brother Hung Shu Yan (Pal Sinn), is a photographer who comes to tướng live with Kan. Other members of the Hung family: eldest daughter Hung Sheung Sin (Joyce Tang) who is away in the United States but later returns home; assistant manager of marketing and second daughter, Mary Hung Yeuk Shui (Koni Lui); University student and youngest daughter, Hung Shum Yu (Andrea So); and University student and son of the eldest daughter, Kam Shing On (Kalok Chow).

Early episodes focused on Lung King Fung (Andrew Chan), a rich heir who "died" in a xế hộp accident just as Shu Yan was taking pictures nearby. Fung's spirit was transferred into the camera; only the Hung family and certain others who touch the camera can see Fung.


Hung Family[edit]

Actor / Actress Role Description
Lau Dan Hung Shu Kan Husband of Mrs Hung
Elder brother of Hung Shu Yan
Father of Hung Sheung Sin, Mary Hung, and Hung Shum Yu
Grandfather of Kam Shing On
Former brother-in-law of David Ko
Colleague and competitor of Chi Fu
Boss and friend of Chun Pok Sze
Fan of Yeung Na Na
Built a family-like relationship with Lung King Fung
Samantha Chuk Man Kwan Mrs Hung Deceased wife of Hung Shu Gan
Deceased sister-in-law of Hung Shu Yan
Deceased mother of Hung Sheung Sin, Mary Hung and Hung Shum Yu
Dead Grandmother of Kam Shing On
Deceased former sister-in-law of David Ko
Pal Sinn Hung Shu Yan Photographer of Junbo Net Online Shop since Episode 34
Younger brother of Hung Shu Kan
Uncle of Hung Sheung Sin, Mary Hung and Hung Shum Yu
Granduncle of Kam Shing On
Former war correspondent
Friend of Lung Ging Fung, build a family-like relationship with him
Former husband of David Ko, only Kenny Chow knows their marriage, discovered by Heidi Hau in Episode 34, blabbed carelessly in Episode 89, got back together with David in Episode 115
Photography teacher of Chu Ling Ling
Friend and former crush of Kenny Chow
Crush of Ho Bik Wan
Friend of Cheung Kwan
Joyce Tang Hung Sheung Sin Born in 1972 middle level
Eldest daughter of Hung Shu Gan and Mrs Hung
Author and Screenwriter
Girlfriend of Kam Shing Mo, separated in 1995
Mother and university classmate of Kam Shing On
Eldest niece of Hung Shu Yan
Eldest sister of Mary Hung
Eldest sister and university schoolmate of Hung Shum Yu
Secondary school big sister of David Ko, stopped because of Kam Shing Mo (Brian Tse) in 1995
Mentor of Chun Bok Sze and Bonnie Tam
University classmate of Danny Chan Pak Keung
Koni Lui Hung Yeuk Shui

Mary Hung

Second Daughter of Hung Shu Kan

Team Lead of Wai Lung Department Store operations

Wife of Kung Yip

Elder sister of Hung Shum Yu

Younger sister of Hung Sheung Sin

Niece of Hung Shu Yan

Aunt to tướng Kam Shing On

Friend of Lung King Fung, build a family-like relationship with him

Andrea So Hung Sum Yu Youngest Daughter of Hung Shu Kan

Graduated from Hong Kong Island University

Younger sister of Hung Sheung Sin and Hung Yeuk Shui

Niece of Hung Shu Yan

Aunt to tướng Kam Shing On

Friend of Lung King Fung, build a family-like relationship with him

ex-Business Partner with George Wong

Kalok Chow Kam Shing On Son of Hung Sheung Sin and Kam Shing Mo

Grandson of Hung Shu Kan

Great maternal nephew of Hung Shu Yan

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Maternal nephew of Hung Yeuk Shui and Hung Sham Yu

Psychology student at Hong Kong Island University

Ex-Boyfriend of Bonnie Tam

Friend of Lung King Fung, build a family-like relationship with him

Part-time employee at Good Father Bar, Genius Academy, and Chiu Wai Film Making Company

Lung Family[edit]

Actor / Actress Role Description
Law Lok-lam Lung Kam Wai Boss of Wai Lung Company
Husband of Ann Ng, Melody Sheh, and Cindy Pak
Brother-in-law of KC Ng
Father of Linda, Terry, Max, Joe, Fung and Vivian Lung
Chung Chi Kwong Lung Kam Kai Boss of First Love Cafe
Younger brother of Lung Gam Wai
Uncle of Linda and Terry

Worked with Ivan Chan to tướng start Zip Lung Secret website

Andrew Chan Tsun Ting Lung King Fung Son of Lung Kam Wai
Half-brother to tướng Linda, Max, Joe, Fung and Vivian

Friend of Hung family, build a family-like relationship with them

Crush of Hung Sum Yu

Wai Lung E-commerce department in-store manager

First Chamber[edit]

Actor / Actress Role Description
Esther Wan Ann Ng Ka Yau Deceased mother of Linda and Terry Lung
Older sister of KC
Jimmy Au KC Ng Ka Chung Younger brother of Ann
Uncle of Linda and Terry Lung

Lawyer at Zip Lung Group

Boyfriend of Rachel Chu

Former boyfriend of Helen Shum and Icy

Mandy Lam Linda Lung Lik Lin Eldest child/daughter of Lung Kam Wai
Elder sister of Terry Lung
Elder half-sister to tướng Max, Joe, Fung and Vivian Lung

Maternal niece of KC Ng.

CFO and CEO at Zip Lung Group

Part owner of Good Father Bar with Sung Shui Fai

Wife of Sung Shui Fai

Donated liver to tướng father Lung Kam Wai

Kim Li Terry Lung Lik Wong Second youngest son of Lung Kam Wai
Younger brother of Linda Lung
Half-brother to tướng Max, Joe, Fung and Vivian Lung

Maternal nephew of KC Ng

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Shares same birth date as half-brother Max

Nikita French bulldog of Linda Lung

Second Chamber[edit]

Actor / Actress Role Description
Cecelia So Melody Sheh Sau Kam Second wife of Lung Kam Wai
Mother of Max Lung
Ex Mother-in-law to tướng Jenny Lui
Kitty Lau Kitty Sheh Sister of Melody
Jennifer Shum Icy Yu Oi Si Cousin of Melody
Secretary of Lung Gam Wai

ex-Girlfriend of KC Ng

Hoffman Cheng Max Lung Lik Si Son of Lung Gam Wai and Melody Sheh
Ex-Husband of Jenny Lui
Half-brother of Linda, Terry, Joe, Fung and Vivian Lung

Boyfriend of Luna Siu (also his secretary)

Vicky Chan Jenny Lui Cheng Nei Daughter of Lui Gung
Ex-Wife of Max Lung
Daughter-in-law of Lung Kam Wai
Former sexual partner of John Wu

Third Chamber[edit]

Actor / Actress Role Description
Amy Fan Yik Man Cindy Pak Tin Ngo Third wife of Lung Gam Wai
Mother of Vivian and Joe Lung
Joe Lung Son of Cindy Pak and Lung Kam Wai
Brother of Vivian Lung
Half-brother of Linda, Terry, and Max and Fung Lung
Katherine He Vivian Lung Zok Mat Daughter of Cindy Pak and Lung Gam Wai
Sister of Joe Lung
Half-sister of Linda, Terry, and Max and Fung Lung
Student at the University of Hong Kong Island
Worked at Not Lao Deli

Fourth Chamber[edit]

Actor / Actress Role Description
Ho Yee Wan Mia
Ma Mei Na
Ma 姐
Fourth wife of Lung Gam Wai, later ex-wife
Director of Operations, New Wai Lung Plaza

Zip Lung Group / Wai Lung Department Store[edit]

  • Angela Tong as Ko Pak Fei / David Ko, girlfriend of Hung Shu Yan, E-commerce Director and Head of Wai Lung E-commerce department, aka Cam Bou Tou
  • Kiko Leung as Anita / Kong Wai Kiu, sister of Venus, works on Wai Lung Department store operations team, former life insurance salesperson
  • Peter Lai as Ma Pau, works on Wai Lung Department store operations team, landlord of David Ko
  • Miu Ka Hing as Kwai Suk Ming, works on Wai Lung Department store operations team, IT specialist
  • Edsel Chiu Ho Ming as Ying Chun, works on Wai Lung Department store operations team
  • Veronica Shiu as Hau Choi Yan / Yan Yan / Heidi, former personal assistant to tướng David, former girlfriend to tướng Ivan
  • Jan Tse Chi Lun as Mandy / Lam Mei Heung, Linda Lung Lik Lin's former secretary, best friend of Mary Hung Yeuk Shui, girlfriend of Chun Bok Sze, studying law in England
  • Cinda Hui Sze Man as 群姐 aka Isabella, Head caretaker of Zip Lung Building
  • Stanley Cheung as Kung Yip, Marketing Director of Zip Lung Group, husband of Mary Hung Yuk Shui
  • Lisa Lau as Yeung Yeung, works for Gong Yip in Zip Ling Marketing, girlfriend of Chun Wah
  • Eileen Yeow as Helen Shum, HR Director at Zip Lung, former girlfriend of KC Ng, former girlfriend of John Wu
  • Janice Shum as Rebecca / Yip Pik Ka, Executive Secretary of Lung Kam Wai, girlfriend of Wai Lung Shopping Centre Security Guard Cheung Lung, ex-HR Manager at Zip Lung, ex-fiancée of Chan Siu Kuen, broke up with him after he said he didn't love her.
  • Andy Wong as Chan Siu Kuen aka Iron Face Chan, Head of Security at Zip Lung, former fiancé of Rebecca Yip, former student of Headmaster Tam
  • Jim Tang as Ivan Chan, Head of Zip Lung Group IT department, boyfriend of May, was initially in kém chất lượng relationship with May (Kung Yip's former girlfriend before Mary Hung), developed Zip Lung Secret trang web for Lung Kam Kai
  • David Do as Peter Kwan Bei Dut, boyfriend of Mia Ma
  • Tony Chui as Andy Lau Tak Wah, works for Peter Kwan Bei Dut, boyfriend of Elaine
  • Eddie Li as Chun Wah, Finance Accountant Director at Zip Lung Group finance department, reported to tướng Linda Lung Lik Lin, boyfriend of Yeung Yeung
  • Gregory Lee as Ho, works at First Love Cafe
  • Candice Chiu as May / Hei Seung Fei, girlfriend of Ivan Chan, current secretary for Linda Lung Lik Lin, ex-girlfriend of Kung Yip
  • Phoebe Chow as Tam Ho Ching aka 垃圾清 "Garbage" Ching, former secretary of Linda Lung Lik Lin
  • Stephen Ho as John Wu King Tang, was Director of Legal Affairs at Zip Lung, now works at Dei Lui Holdings, ex-boyfriend of Helen Shum Kai Yi, best friend of KC Ng Ka Chung
  • Terrence Wong as Cheung Lung, Security guard at Wai Lung Shopping Centre, boyfriend of Rebecca Yip
  • Stephanie Lee as Elaine, works at Wai Lung Department Store, girlfriend of Andy Lau
  • Raymond Cho as Chan Wing Lim, works at First Love Cafe, younger brother of Mr. Chan, brother-in-law of Chan Mui Chu 陳師奶
  • Roxanne Ho as Luna Siu, girlfriend and secretary of Max Lung

Speedy Bear[edit]

  • Mark Ma Kwun Tung as Chun Pok Sze, godson of Hung Shu Kan, Hung family friend, childhood friend of Mary Hung Yeuk Shui, boyfriend of Mandy Lam Mei Heung
  • Chun Kai Wai as Ng Sai Lik, employee at Speedy Bear
  • Vincent Cheung as Tai Lik, employee at Speedy Bear

Hong Kong Island University[edit]

  • Kalok Chow as 金城安 Kam Shing On, son of Hong Sheung Sin
  • Ricco Ng as 朱凌凌 Chu Ling Ling, Shing On's best friend, aspiring film maker, apprentice of Hung Shu Yan
  • Sky Chiu as 艾頓壯 Ai Ton Chong aka Ah Chong, management intern at Zip Lung Sanitation Department (formerly in Security Department)
  • Aaryn Cheung as 王國 George Wong, ex-academy business partner of Hung Sum Yu, dorm roommate of Chi Ji Hao, sold academy shares to tướng Linda Lung
  • Cheung Sze Yan as Lee Mok Sau, love struck stalker of Chu Ling Ling, actuarial science student.
  • Judy Kwong as Venus Kong Pak Wai, ex-girlfriend of Chi Ji Hau, younger sister of Anita Kong (Wai Lung Department store)
  • Sophie Yip as Candy
  • Keefe Ng as 頭皮 "Dandruff"
  • Tom Lo as Oily Face 面油
  • Oman Lam as Bookworm 書蟲

Chiu Wai Film Making Company[edit]

  • Andrew Yuen as 潮偉 Chiu Wai, owner and founder of Chiu Wai Film Making Company, Hong Sheung Sin's boyfriend
  • William Chu as Sing, personal assistant to tướng Chiu Wai
  • Lee Kai Kit as Director
  • Kinlas Chan as Assistant Director to tướng Director
  • Keefe Ng as 頭皮 "Dandruff", production assistant

Chi Family / Tai Chi[edit]

  • Ricky Wong as Chi Fu, father of Chi Chi Hau and Chi Mei Lai, Hong Shu Gan's rival
  • Hero Yuen as Chi Ji Hao, son of Chi Fu, part-time driver/bodyguard of Lung Kum Wai, boyfriend of Liza, ex-boyfriend of Venus and Hung Shum Yu, student at Hong Kong Island University, dorm roommate of George Wong, kung fu student of Hung Shu Kan
  • Kitty Chung as Chi Mei Lai, daughter of Chi Fu. She had a crush on Kam Sing On and was once love-rival of Bonnie

Song Family[edit]

  • Jack Hui Ka Kit as Sung Shui Fai, former employee of Wai Lung Department store operations team, Good Ba Bar proprietor, husband of Linda Lung Lik Lien
  • Dylan Leung as Philip 仔 / Philip Sung, son of Sung Shui Fai, student at Moral Rebuilding Primary School, stepson of Linda Lung Lik Lien

Chu Family[edit]

  • John Chan as Martin Chu Chin, father of Chu Ling Ling and Chu Tin Tai, partner at law firm, owns family house in Macau
  • Kelvin Leung as Chu Tin Tai, second son of Martin Chu Chin, older brother of Chu Ling Ling, lawyer who works for Chu Chin's firm, passion is making HK style pineapple buns

Tam Family[edit]

  • Wing Chun Chan as Headmaster 譚道德 Tam To Tak, father of Bonnie
  • Helen Ng as Tam Ho Yung Yee, mother of Bonnie
  • Iris Lam as Bonnie / Tam Yuk Ying, girlfriend of idol 葱頭, ex-girlfriend of Kam Shing On, student at Hong Kong Island University, apprentice of Hung Sheung Sin for screen-writing

Genius Academy[edit]

  • Andrea So as Hung Sum Yu, co-owner and founder, ex-business partner of George Wong
  • Sophie Yip as Candy, teacher
  • Tom Lo as Oily Face 面油, teacher
  • Oman Lam as Bookworm 書蟲, teacher
  • Kelly Gu as June, tarot thẻ expert, relied upon by Linda Lung for tarot thẻ expertise

Building Residence[edit]

  • Helen Sun Wai Lin as Chan Mui Chu aka 食屎陳師奶 aka 陳師奶 "Mrs. Chan"
  • Wong Chi Wing as 陳生 Mr. Chan, husband of 陳師奶
  • Carisa Yan as Miss Ko
  • Lesley Chiang as Liza, girlfriend of Chi Ji Hao, Filipino housekeeper of Miss Ko
  • Keith Ng Shui Ting as Mr. Lo
  • Andrew Chan as Lung King Fung, lives in unit owned by Lung Kam Wai
  • Sky Chiu as 艾頓壯 Ai Ton Chong, roommate of Lung King Fung
  • Ricco Ng as 朱凌凌 Chu Ling Ling, roommate of Lung King Fung

Other Key Recurring Characters[edit]

  • Kings Wong as Big Chen, Lung Kam Wai's rival and adversary
  • Jason Pai as Lui Gung, father of Jenny Lui, wealthy owner of Dei Lui Holdings, adversary of Lam Kam Wai
  • Adrien Yau as 葱頭 "Onion Head", singer idol and actor, boyfriend of Bonnie Tam
  • Man Yeung Ching Wah as Dr. Man
  • Yvonne Lam as Ceci, Mrs. Ronaldo, wealthy businesswoman, frequent business partner of Zip Lung Holdings
  • Julian Gaertner as Mr. Ronaldo, husband of Mrs. Ronaldo, MMA fighter, has competed against Hung Shu Kan in both MMA and fencing
  • Penny Chan as Dino, Filipino bodyguard for Lui Gung, former boyfriend of Liza


  • Michael Miu and Michelle Yim appeared as a cameo as themselves in episode 997 as spokesperson.
  • Bobby Au-Yeung appeared as a cameo "Bobby" on episodes 606 (Ending only) and 607.
  • On episode 606, the new theme tuy nhiên was sung by the cast.
  • The weekend of June 21, 2019, the cast held a meeting and made a notice to tướng the public about the theme song's change.


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