there is little of things improving soon

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19/08/2022 12,440

A. probability

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B. probably

C. probable

D. probabilities

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Giải thích: little + N ko kiểm đếm được

Dịch: Có rất rất không nhiều kỹ năng tất cả tiếp tục sớm cải thiện


Câu 1:

I propose that we all             together ví that nobody gets lost along the way.

Câu 2:

Your computer may go to tướng sleep,             it’s still consuming energy.

Câu 3:

He started living here three years ago.

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Câu 4:

I told you           switch off the computer, didn’t I?

Câu 5:

What’s new with you?

Câu 6:

If there were no gravity, everything             .

Câu 7:

It is difficult to tướng quantify the           that household waste has on the environment.

Câu 8:

My uncle was elected as the mayor of the thành phố in 2001. He remained in office until 2011.

Câu 9:

Earthquakes are one of the scariest natural phenomena             they are ví unpredictable.

Câu 10:

Plant shade trees to tướng reduce summer heat            reduce watering needs in summer months.

Câu 11:

Large cities around the world are adopting strategies to tướng combat this issue (27)           it is not uncommon

Câu 12:

By the time the ambulance approached, the man             .

Câu 13:

This is an awful film. It is the worst            I have never seen.

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Câu 14:

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to tướng indicate the correct answer to tướng each of the following questions.

The level of urban unemployment and members of             are high.

Câu 15:

Parents think their children will remain close to tướng them because             .