it is essential that she the truth


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It is essential that she ____ the truth.

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It has been proposed that we ____ the topic.

They hope to tướng ____ a cure for the disease.

Don't worry, we'll try to tướng ____ the problems and find a solution for everyone.

Tony was totally opposed but if you give him some time to tướng think about what you said. I'm sure he will ____ to tướng your point of view.

The rapid rise in the global population is not expected to tướng start ____ until past the middle of this century, by which time it will have reached 9 billion.

In order to tướng apply for a credit thẻ, Tom first has to tướng ____ a four-page khuông at the ngân hàng.

The teacher explained so sánh much stuff in just one lesson that most of the students could ____ only half of it.

The map of top ten most densely ____ countries in the world includes Monaco, Singapore, Bahrain, Malta and Bangladesh.

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Interactive games could be used in order to tướng keep students ____.

We could mention some solution and government ____ in the conclusion.

Women who ____ due to tướng marriage are not considered to tướng be ____.

Each child had to tướng ____ a short speech to tướng the rest of the class.

Although it was more than vãn an hour late, the superstar finally showed up and ____ the attention of the audience.

Has the interviewer ____ the date? Yes, it's on next Monday.

Don't worry. We're in good time; there's ____ to tướng hurry.

Overpopulation in urban areas tends to tướng create unfavourable conditions, which may result in ____ of food in developing countries.

He wasn't able to tướng ____ with the stresses and strains of the job.

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Urbanization can bring social health and benefit; ____, it also has its drawbacks.

During the lesson, if you have questions or comments, please feel miễn phí to tướng ____ them.

We have to tướng come to tướng the conclusion. We are ____ out of time.