the red cross is an international


On the ground in over 90 countries - neutral, impartial, and independent - we are the International Committee of the Red Cross

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We work around the world helping people affected by conflict and armed violence, and promoting the rules of war.

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Do you have a strong humanitarian motivation? Learn more about how đồ sộ join the ICRC.

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Help families and communities affected by armed conflict in conflict regions all over the world.

Leave a legacy for life beyond armed conflict

Leave a legacy for life beyond armed conflict

Remembering the ICRC in your will is really easy đồ sộ bởi, and is one of the most wonderful ways you can help people caught up in armed conflict. You can give back a future đồ sộ people who can see no hope of one right now. 

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Blog - Humanitarian Law & Policy

Blog - Humanitarian Law & Policy

A unique space for timely analysis, debate and commentary on international humanitarian law issues, the policies that shape humanitarian action, and the interplay between these areas.


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From our eShop

From our eShop

At the kết thúc of năm 2016 there were more kêu ca 40 million internally displaced people worldwide. This brochure explores the issue, and details how the ICRC works đồ sộ help people avoid displacement and đồ sộ address the specific needs of those displaced and their host communities.

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